Plastic-Free Kitchen products

What are plastic-free kitchen products?

Plastic-free kitchen necessities include glass and metal food storage containers, reusable cloth or net produce bags, metal straws and beeswax wraps. Other plastic-free cooking utensils include wooden spoons and bamboo cutting boards. These plastic-free alternatives to common kitchen items like plastic wrap, plastic straws and plastic containers reduce our exposure to toxins and reduce plastic contamination in the natural environments around us when we eventually throw them away.

WHere can i get plastic-free kitchen products?

There are many companies that make plastic-free products, and you can often find them at your local grocery store or online (see our friends at sustainable thing).

By making a few simple swaps, you can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic you use and throw away.

plastic-free cooking utensils

plastic-free containers

plastic-free cookware

WHy do we need plastic-free kitchen products?

As more people become aware of the dangers of plastic pollution they are looking for ways to reduce their use of plastic.

One area that often gets overlooked is the kitchen. Whilst many of us are careful to avoid plastic packaging when we do our grocery shopping, we often don't think about the plastic we use in our day-to-day cooking.

However, there are a number of simple swaps that can help to reduce your plastic use in the kitchen.